I've been growing cannabis sativa landraces, heirlooms and hybrids outdoors in Colorado since 2014. I grow them primarily for my health and the health of my friends, but I also grow to make seeds in order to preserve the species. The strains that I grow come from all over the world, many are the building blocks of modern cannabis breeding. But many of these genetics in their pure form have become almost impossible to obtain, some have disappeared from the planet completely. I think it’s a terrible thing when any species becomes extinct.   

I want to make these seeds available for others so that they too can grow and experience this amazing plant and extremely beneficial medicine. Current research shows that we have an internal endocannabinoid system, a set of receptors that when cannabis enters our body regulate many important functions including immune response, communication between cells, appetite and metabolism, pain-sensation and memory. I also hope to someday make these genetics available for researchers working to uncover the medical benefits of sativa-dominant strains.  

I grow organically in an open-air greenhouse at 9,200 ft. in the mountains in Colorado. The only fertilizer I use is alpaca poop. All seeds are standard (male + female ) and come in a pack of 20 for a donation of $25. The donations are to cover my expenses – land, gas, water, soil, greenhouse supplies, etc.

One thing I want to mention: When I label seeds as S1, it means that the seeds came from a female open-pollinated by a male of the same strain. For instance, Bangi Haze S1 seeds came from a female Bangi Haze pollinated by a male Bangi Haze. Some people use S1 to mean something else, but this is how I'm using the term.

I gift about 80% of what I grow to the homeless in Boulder. I hope it helps to keep them healthy, happy and moving in a positive direction with their lives.


Send me an email with the type of seeds that you want, and how many packs of each you would like. I’ll email you back to confirm availability and where to send your donation.

All seeds are a $25 donation for a pack of 20. Please include $10 for shipping (U.S. only, no international shipping). Currently I’m only accepting cash donations. Send your donation via US Postal Service Priority Mail, you’ll receive a tracking number. Email me your tracking number when you send your donation. When I receive your donation I’ll ship out your seeds and email you with your shipment tracking number. Orders usually go out within three days of receipt of donation.

I send lots of freebies with every order based on what you ordered and/or what I think you might like.


Best Vibes and God Bless,